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Vision Odyssey are a social marketing company that handle all types of business social media solutions for companies in the local area and nationwide. Online Marketing is definitely the most effective method of spreading the word quickly, and over vast areas about your business. In simple terms, in this day and age your business will not survive without an online presence! The difficult part is knowing where to start and that’s where we at Vision Odyssey come in. We have years of experience and knowledge of social media planning and how to use the web to most effectively market your business and best of all we have fun with it! We have worked with a huge array of business types, from one-man-band tradesmen to multi-million pound companies. Nothing is too big or too small for our portfolio, we cover it all and will come up with a bespoke package most suitable for your needs. Remember, if you’re not doing it your competitors will be!

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Domino’s Pizza

  • For me being a relative newcomer to using Social Media; the benefits to business and the opportunities that intelligent management…

    Domino’s Pizza – Nigel Eden, franchisee


  • We appreciate the professionalism of Vision Odyssey. You guys helped us with executing our content marketing strategy…


MAAC Air Conditioning

  • I found the social media training session to be informative and held at a pace that I could record important information. It was aimed specifically at our…

    Dionne, MAAC

Julian Support

  • Vision Odyssey has taken Julian Support from a place of not using social media to one where services users, partner agencies and the wider public…

    Julian Support


  • We decided to test the market with Vision Odyssey and now have nearly 1,500 followers on Twitter…


The Benjamin Foundation

  • I would definitely recommend Vision Odyssey to your organisation for your social media training.

    The Benjamin Foundation – Chris Elliott

AGILE Marketing

  • They know how we work, they listen to our campaign objectives and they help us deliver creativity and value for our Clients…

    AGILE Marketing –

City, Coast & Country

  • …Now around 80% of our projects are from networking on Twitter and LinkedIn! Genius!

    City, Coast & Country –

Imagine It

  • Vision odyssey opened my eyes to the exciting potential of social media. They’re my friendly guru’s in this ever changing world!.

    Imagine It – Fynn Cornish

Clare Murphy Hypnosis

  • Thank you, Vision Odyssey, for mentoring and introducing me to a whole new world of marketing, one which is actually enjoyable!

    Clare Murphy Hypnosis –

Chateau Rouge

  • I would just like to thank the team at Vision Odyssey for their work in helping setup a strong foundation for the future marketing…

    Chateau Rouge – Sean Farrell, founder

Inspired Goods

  • These guys really know their stuff. They’ve been a great help bringing my business in to the modern world…

    Inspired Goods

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