geofiltersOne of the most popular feature additions to Snapchat has been its geofilters. These filters, only available when the Snapchat user is in a certain place, allow users to celebrate a day out at a monument or to share memories from an event that they went to.

With the geofilters having proved so popular, Snapchat now plans to open them up to everyone, letting all Snapchat users create their own. As demonstrated in this video, first, you create the design, then you decide upon the ‘geofence’ where the filter will appear and then you can submit it for review by the Snapchat team.

These filters can be displayed for an hour or up to 30 days and are available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It doesn’t come free (pricing starts at $5) but as we detail below, businesses can use the feature in some really clever ways.

1. Hosting Pop-Up Events

The most obvious (and simplest) way of using Snapchat’s geofilters is by hosting pop-up events. With the filters you can give these events (which may be an in-person question sessions, casual meet-ups, or a chance to bag some freebies) a ‘fun’ air about them. Those who show up won’t just have a good time, but they’ll also be encouraged to share that good time with their social networks, and the filter can let others know exactly who was behind those smiles.

2. Brand Loyalty

Another possible idea to get people using these branded geofilters (thus increasing your engagement with your audience) is to offer them a special prize. Perhaps the condition for winning would be to send you a screenshot of their snap with the filter in use, and they bag a discount in reward.

3. Unique Special Offers Using Geofilters

Going off of the idea of discounts and rewards, brands could use the geofilters to target a specific area or outlet that they would like to increase business in. In creating the geofilters in a specific place you could say ‘those in [example town], head to [example branch location] and check out our Snapchat filter to get some money off [example purchase]’ and the geofilter could include a discount code.

4. Full-Scale Campaign

Another idea is to launch a full-scale Snapchat campaign using multiple geofilters in various locations . For example, you could put geofilters in all of your stores asking users what something (e.g good food, honest sellers, helpful service) means to them or you could host them at local monuments to establish yourself as a real local presence.

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