Social networking, as we all know and have probably been told many times, is not the way our grandparents used to communicate. ‘Youngsters’ are likely to be regularly lectured by their parents about their online social media habits. How they should think themselves lucky and that years ago their grandparents would have had to walk THOUSANDS of miles in order to communicate with their friends (ok maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the point!) However, this is far from true in today’s world.

43% of pensioners (65+) are now on Facebook and only one third of 50-64 year olds are NOT.  These figures speak for themselves in terms of the ‘social media world’ and the way in which it is moving. Not only does it explain why your Grandma, Mum, Dad etc. are becoming more internet-aware but why we may now be seeing a difference in demographic between the two most popular social networking sites on the internet; Twitter and Facebook. Due to the elders beginning to poke and comment on the younger generations on Facebook, the young’uns are decanting on to the previously less popular Twitter. Last year, Facebook was rated the most important by 42 per cent of teens; this year, Facebook was rated the most important site by only 23 per cent of teens.

Senior Users Now On Facebook

A study collected results from 1,341 grandparents from the UK, it found that 71% of grandparents who use a social network use Facebook, 34% are on Twitter and 9% use the business social network LinkedIn. The majority of which are fairly active; 51% say they log in once a week or more and 35% log in a few times a month. On top of all of this, half of all were encouraged to do so by younger people in their families. The irony being that these young people are now migrating away from their elders that have followed in their footsteps, perhaps they don’t like the feeling their parents and grandparents are watching their every move!

So what does all this mean for businesses running social media campaigns? Well it really, solely depends on your target market… You see, relationship building in social networking; particularly in marketing, tends not to be a ‘one-size-fits all’ venture. The better you know your target demographic, the more of a triumph you will be at interacting with them, grabbing and keeping their attention. Therefore by knowing the different social networking habits of the audience clever targeting allows you to hone in on which social networking platforms to focus your attention.

Now it’s up to you, explore the vast world of social media!

By Yazmin Nov 11, 2013 one response

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  • Russ says:

    I found this very true… you see more & more of the older generation doing their thing on facebook & twitter,
    the social media era is in full swing!

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