The Benjamin Foundation - Vision Odysseys Charity Of The Year

For a while now we have been deliberating our options in how to support one or several charities. It’s been a tough decision when we are passionate about so many causes, but we decided that to support a charity fully we only really have the capacity to offer ourselves as a partner to just one organisation at a time. So as a Norfolk based business, we have decided that our Charity of the Year would be a local one this time around. Having met them several times and adoring the passion for what they do we decided that we would offer our support to The Benjamin Foundation.

Founded in 1994, The Benjamin Foundation is a Norfolk charity that exists to help people across the County deal with many of the challenges that life throws at them. Last year they helped around 2,000 people through difficult times by providing them with hope, opportunity, stability and independence.

With several Centre’s for young adults across the County, that would be otherwise homeless, this seems a great way in for us to offer some alternative support and rather than just help them in the obvious ways, we have come up with a much more personal offering to the team at The Benjamin Foundation.

With our own team brimming in experiences; from education, careers, travel and life in general, one of the things that we at Vision Odyssey are offering to all of the young people living at the Centre’s is our time, to talk about our own experiences and in some cases help them decide on a path that is more desirable than what they have experienced so far.

There has also been talk of curry and film nights, where some of our team will head over to the new Aylsham Centre and cook up a curry with the young people that have just moved in, as an ice breaker and a chilled out way to get to know them. Also on our agenda is to plan some events to help fundraise whilst at the same time getting the young people involved and also to offer regular social media training to the marketing team so that they can build on what they have already started in their quest to raise more awareness of who they are and what they do.

So if you didn’t know about The Benjamin Foundation before reading this blog then already we’ve helped just a little bit, what would be even better would be if you would be kind enough to share this post with your friends and connections to spread the word just a little bit more.

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