Happy Birthday To Facebook - Decade Of Facebook

Happy Birthday to one of our most valued, online necessities – Facebook!

On the 4th of February Facebook; the World’s leading social network, celebrated its 10th birthday and by the looks of things they have done it in style and it’s gone down with a bang!

In 2004 one of the most intriguing networking inventions was launched by Mark Zuckerberg from the confines of his student digs at America’s most prestigious university, Harvard. It was first known as thefacebook.com and was only open for use to Harvard students. Soon after the launch, he allowed members to join from other universities within the Boston area.

Facebook creator, CEO and chairman, Zuckerberg, is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world with an estimated worth of $25 billion – yet he never graduated.

In celebration of this milestone, on Monday Facebook launched a new app in the US called ‘Facebook Paper’ which fundamentally changes the normal workings and interface of this popular networking hub. The app will allow you to navigate through your news feed post-by-post with just one motion. The uncluttered, full screen app is minimalistic and much simpler than the main Facebook app.

Unfortunately it seems that we will still be twiddling our thumbs in the UK in anticipation for this for a while yet as there are no plans for it to be released here at the moment. PCPro.co.uk have quoted that “At launch, Paper is US only. There are no plans for UK availability at this time, since it’s a small team.”

Although we here in the UK cannot enjoy this new Facebook invention to celebrate the 10th birthday, all Facebook users can however receive a free video of their Facebook memories as a treat from Facebook, https://m.facebook.com/lookback.

As you can see Facebook doesn’t seem to have any plans to stop their ever-growing brand and why on earth should they when they are the second most visited site in the world after Google with 1.23 billion active members every month – this is roughly one sixth of the human population!

So if your business is yet to gain a Facebook presence be sure to do it soon, because it stands to reason that you could just be missing out!

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