6 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes

You know that your business needs to have a social media presence in todays market and there is a huge amount of press surrounding all the things that you should be doing, many of these contrasting. Lets start by making it simple though with 6 things that you definitely should NOT be doing….

  1. Having an incomplete profile

    A Twitter page without a bio or a Facebook page without the profile complete is a bad start. Your profile gives you a great opportunity to sell your company and give potential customers easy access to information aboout you. Make the most of it and ensure that all your profiles are fully completed! This includes appropriate profile images…

  2. Not posting regularly

    How often you post, what times and days you post will be dictated by your business and your audience. However, it is essential that once you start posting you continue to post regularly. When considering using a company many people will check their social media accounts and an inactive account is not a good start!

  3. Talking about you, you, you!

    People will like or follow your brand to keep up to date with what’s happening with it but social media is not about hard selling. It’s about connecting with current and new customers and building brand loyalty. To do this you should be posting content that is going to be of interest to your audience, things like industry news, amusing images or hints and tips. Remember it’s social media…Nobody wants to be stuck talking to the person at a party who can talk about nothing but themselves and how fabulous they are!

  4. Not replying to messages

    It take a lot of work to build a following and to get people to engage with you so don’t waste the opportunity when your followers do reply to your posts. Also don’t forget to thank people for engaging and sharing your content, you want them to continue to do so!

  5. Being negative

    Try to make your posts energised and positive. Nobody wants to hear about negative stories and moaning so keep things light and if it’s natural for you add some humour. Everybody likes to have a good giggle!

  6. Trying to be everywhere at once

    As a business you need to decide (maybe with the help of a social media consultant) which platforms will work well for your business. It may seem like a great idea to create accounts on every site but in reality different platforms work in different ways, which will mean some are more suited to your business than others. Also by having too many accounts you will most likely end up wasting time creating content for an unsuitable or minuscule audience.

If you need any further help with getting started with your social media campaign then please get in touch!

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