Facebook Insights Tool For Marketing Professionals

Facebook Insights initially seemed pretty good, however based on all that they know about us all as users, it is in fact incredibly lacking in the information that it provides Facebook page owners. With Page Insights you could see the interactions that users were having with that page and that page only – with comments, like and shares all viewable. Given the breadth and scope of Facebook and its 500 million users, that’s hardly helpful and so the company has now launched Facebook Audience Insights to better provide information about potential customers to business owners and their marketing teams.

The biggest benefit of Facebook Audience Insights is that it allows marketers to tailor their message depending on the demographic. For example, does Facebook Audience Insights say that your audience consists of those who have no college education? Then you could cut out the technical jargon in favour of more understandable words. Gender, relationship status and even job roles are accounted for but it’s not just this demographical data that’s available as information such as purchase activity, location and spoken languages is all on offer, helping you to make sure that your pricing, marketing content and even the times of the day in which you post things on Facebook are all tailored around your customers’ lives.

In addition to this, marketers can also get a larger picture in terms of trends, as the data can be looked at in three segments. The first, about the general Facebook audience, will help you to compare your current audience to the audience whose attention you’d like to garner. The second, which covers people connected to a specific page or event, will no doubt help you take on your competitors. And finally, there’s a segment that helps you find out more about your current customers, making sure you don’t alienate your fanbase as you strive to grow it. Finally, it’s also important to note that Facebook is promising that the data is masked in such a way as to conceal private information about people, making their data secure, so now that Facebook Audience Insights goes live you can use it in the confidence that you’re staying on the right side of the moral marketing code.

Facebook does appear to have become a ‘pay to play’ platform for businesses, which has caused some controversy. Personally though we don’t have a problem with them, their targeting abilities are simply brilliant and should not be ignored. Yes their constantly changing algorithms can be painstaking for those of us that have built a large fanbase for our Pages, however team this with some clued up and skilled advert creation and targeting and you will win! Just spend time figuring it out or getting an expert on the team to do it for you and you’ll never look back!

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