Facebook Cross Device Reporting For Ad Conversions

While we only used to use them to play Snake and to text our buddies, our phones are now very much the central hubs for our lives. Using a plethora of apps for working on the go, to play games or purchase goods, there are few times in a day where we put our phones down. According to Business Insider’s statistics, by the end of 2013 every 1 in 5 people owned a smartphone and when you factor in tablet owners that’s a third of the entire global population with smart mobile devices. Intriguing still is that PC usage remains high as 20% of people use computers and with computers and phones able to work together, there’s a good chance that there’s some overlap. But how do we know how people are using these devices? It was previously quite difficult for us to track them across platforms but thanks to Facebook that just got a whole lot easier.

According to Facebook’s own statistics, 32% of US Facebook users converted on desktop within 28 days after seeing the ad on a mobile device. They also explain that the longer time went on, the more likely a person was to convert on a different device. For example, the more ads you see on your phone, the more you might be convinced or interested in a product and so you hop online on your desktop to input all of your details and make a purchase.

What it means for marketers is that no longer will a Facebook mobile ad campaign be labelled a ‘dud’ if it doesn’t prove to be effective as using the analytics tab you’ll be able to see just how well it’s performing across what devices and most importantly you’ll be able to figure out why that is. Furthermore, other questions such as ‘why do more users convert after crossing devices?’ and ‘how can I tweak my ad campaigns so that my mobile and desktop efforts are equally effective’ can also be answered.

The social media site explains that you need to go to Facebook Ad Reports, “click Edit Columns, and select Cross-Device on the left-hand menu” to make it easier than ever to understand more about what users are seeing, thinking about and converting from your ads.

Source: Facebook

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