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Now we’ve all seen Facebook competitions, however what you might not have been aware of was that ‘Like & Share’ type promotions weren’t actually permitted on the network! Despite this, lots of businesses were breaking the rules and continuing to run these competitions, risking having their page closed down.

The good news is that Facebook have recently changed the rules…Their previous requirement was that all promotions had to be run through a third party application. These applications could be costly and therefore prohibited a lot of companies from running promotions.

So what’s changed? Facebook now allows business pages to collect entries for competitions by asking users to post on the page, message the page or by using likes as a voting tool.

What does this mean for your page? Running a contest if now a reasonably simple operation, you need to provide a prize or incentive, come up with an engaging post and then get it sent out! It’s also possible to use paid advertising to further boost the popularity of your promotion.

One thing you must ensure prior to running this type of contest is that you have the resources available to manage the competition. If it’s managed well it could result in a huge number of entries which can be time consuming to monitor. A badly run contest can actually create a negative image for your business, especially if it results in public complaints via social media.

The one thing that Facebook will not allow is asking users to tag themselves in content they are not depicted in. For example, using a product picture and then asking people to tag themselves in the picture, despite not being present.

It’s important that your competition is properly run as any violation of Facebook’s rules or bad management could ultimately result in your page being shut down or portraying you company in a bad light.

If you would like more information on Facebook competitions or help with running a promotion for your business then we are always happy to help so please get in touch!

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