Hidden Cash Campaign On Twitter

Just last week, the @HiddenCash campaign was launched as a mystery 1% business man took to social media site Twitter to release clues about hidden money drops around the cities of San Francisco and San Jose in California. Anyone with a bit of sleuthing could figure out just where the secretive benefactor has planted the next bit of money in an attempt to “put smiles on people’s faces”.

Having explained his other philanthropic efforts, the person behind it was simply using it as another way to give back rather than an unabashed attempt to market themselves. Not only is the @HiddenCash campaign one that seems to come from a good place, it’s also one that conjures up excitement. Frankly, traditional forms of advertising are seen as boring bymany consumers as decades of seeing billboards and even a few years of seeing online ads has bred fatigue; fatigue that can only be quelled by something interesting and valuable to the people who represent the target audience such as giveaways and discounts that will actively save them time and money. This is perceived as a much better strategy to take when promoting products or services than those that provide no other clear benefits outside of the product or service’s initial offering.

By launching promotional campaigns on @HiddenCash, marketers will be attracting more interest to their brand. Casting a wider net can only lead to a greater haul, after all. It’s also clear that in this day and era, marketing campaigns should be developed with a potentially viral interest. Social media should always be used with an audience in mind, as the tweets that perform well are those that are mass retweeted. So even if you aren’t looking to be the face of an entire subset of people or launch a charity initiative, whatever you do with your marketing efforts, you have to make them appealing and in many cases with social media this usually means fun.

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