Things To Consider When You Don't Want To Outsource

Does this sound familiar? You know that your Business needs more online representation than just your website but you don’t want someone else to have all the fun! You’re neck deep in the goings-on in your company so who better to post updates than you? Plus you want to keep up with this modern World so are a little concerned that you will lose touch if you don’t keep your finger on the pulse…

This is all very well and it’s great that you want to be involved, however can you really afford the time? You’ll need around an hour a day to run a Social Media account effectively, and that’s just one, so what about if your business really needs a representation on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, Instagram etc and most of these involve postings on a daily basis? That sounds like a lot of work now doesn’t it?!

Don’t be put off yet though, as you must not forget that you’ve absolutely got to be doing what your competitors are before you find yourself at the bottom of a very big haystack! That’s a worrying thought I know, but if your target market are on the likes of Twitter or Facebook everyday and they stumble across another brand that does what you do or even worse a friend of theirs recommends this brand, are they likely to use you? Well for a start, if you’re not even using Social Media to market your business then they won’t even find you! Many businesses would argue ‘well I’m on Twitter…’ but when you dig a little deeper this usually means there is a stagnant account with one tweet from 7 months ago saying ‘help, I don’t know what I’m doing on here’, which reached nobody because they don’t have any followers. This does not equate to you running a Social Media Marketing Campaign!

So, we’re clear on the fact that you need to be using Social Media for your business, now to decide whether you really can do it yourself? This largely depends on what stage your business is at, what type of business it is and how much you like technology? For example, if you own a medium enterprise with 9 employees it is likely that your time is probably not best spent writing, posting and responding to updates on Social networking sites. However, if you are a sole trader that is looking to boost your business and you have a couple of hours spare each day to get familiar with how to run these Social accounts then it might be that you can manage it yourself for a while, at least until you have enough work to outsource it, should you choose to.

If your company is going to use Social Media effectively we think it is very valuable to have an understanding of how it works. Therefore, for those that are keen to not get left behind in this fast paced World of technology, we actually offer a mentoring package, where we will teach you how to run your own Social Media campaign yourself. We offer several packages, which all include at least a bespoke starter guide to initiate your campaign, two hours of telephone mentoring and email support for one month. Often after the first month it will become clear to you whether you want to continue the mentoring so that you can run the campaign yourself or whether you should stick to what you are really good at and let us manage the campaign for you. We have some clients who have picked up running it themselves really quickly and we’re continuing to mentor them to keep a check on what they are doing and ensuring they’re using the latest platforms and tricks of the trade. Others knew after one session that they love the idea of it but it’s not for them so have asked us to fully manage their campaigns. We don’t mind what it is you ask us to do, we just want you to be in it to win the business!

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