One of the first questions you should ask yourself before jumping into running a Social Media campaign is ‘just how relevant is social media actually going to be to your business and how can it be utilised in the best way?’

There are many social media platforms to choose from now, with Facebook and Twitter being the most popular at present, then LinkedIn a must for the business Directors themselves and now Google+ snapping at the heels of Facebook, suggesting it will be the next big thing. This may appear confusing when you are trying to decide which platform is most suitable for your business, however in actual fact it’s a really great thing . . . it means that pretty much whatever your business there will be a way you can make the most from social media by using at least one or more of these to network your way to much better brand awareness and / or more sales.

Our guidance at this point would be to use at least Twitter and Facebook as a starting point. Facebook, if for no other reason than if it were classed as a country it would be the third biggest in the World! How can you not trial spreading the word about your business on a platform with such a massive audience??

The simplicity of gaining likes on Facebook shows how many people / customers etc are happy to endorse you or show an interest in what it is that you do, which will show in Googles search engine and the feeds of anyone on Facebook that ‘likes’ your page or comments on it, which will further spread the love for your business.

Twitter, is a slightly different kettle of fish and is in some ways easier to gain more followers that are your exact target market. The key with Twitter though is conversation and activity, you must ALWAYS respond to everyones mentions and comments and where possible instigate conversation with contacts. This interaction will support the fact that your business is trustworthy and run by ‘real’ people, giving you the edge over competitors that perhaps haven’t used the same initiative.

LinkedIn is something that should start as a personal account for the Director of the business with a sideline Company page so that contacts can ‘follow’ the page as well as connect with the individual. There are many networking opportunities that can be utilised on LinkedIn, but that’s a whole other blog to come (watch this space!). For now, get your personal account and business page set-up and ensure you have fully completed all fields and that you log-in regularly so not to miss messages or opportunities to respond to comments relevant to your business.

Google+ is still in testing progress and at the moment you cannot set-up a business account so we can’t advise how this will work for business networking. What you can do though is set-up a personal profile to play around with what it does – invite contacts, use your circles to organise them and post some updates etc to get a general feel of how it works. Well worth getting ahead of the game with this one as it’s growing quickly, so the more contacts you have when the business accounts are launched the better position your company will be in. Again we will definitely be writing another blog with further details on Google+ before long so ensure you follow our blog to get a reminder as and when we publish the next ones . . .

If you’ve got any questions about which Social Media platform is best suited to your business then we will happily offer you a free review and some guidance as to what you should trial first, just contact us at with your specific query.

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