Vision Odyssey Went To See The New Jon Favreau Film Chef

This weekend some of us visited the cinema to see the independent film, ‘Chef’ from Jon Favreau.

It’s all about Carl Casper, an acclaimed chef with a family life that seems as decaying as his artistic freedom. All of his frustrations seem to boil over into a raucous, virally-videoed and public-confrontation against a restaurant critic who slated the cooking in which his boss ordered him to make against his nature. Now with a destroyed career, Carl’s ex-wife offers a rather eccentric solution in Miami. With son, Percy, and old colleague, Tony, Carl takes a trip across America to rediscover his gastronomic passion. With Percy’s young, social media savvy and Tony’s enthusiasm, Carl finds that he is creating a travelling sensation on the way home through the world of social networking.

We couldn’t help but take away a few morsels of information. If you have already seen the film we hope you can see why.

Chef Casper has never heard of Twitter. Not sure what planet he’s been on… When he finally creates a profile out of curiosity to find out about the exposure surrounding the terrible review, he discovers that the review has gone viral. He uses Twitter to seek out the critic, resulting in yet more bad press involving a video of him confronting the critic in person.

Our first tip here being to never underestimate the power of Twitter and social media in general. Watch what you say and do on social media, while some viral exposure is great, you have to make sure to be balanced when it comes to your actions (or lack of them). Being on social media means that any bad press or complaints you receive, can be addressed and explained without ‘virtual Chinese whispers’ getting out of control.

Only one good thing came from this viral confrontation between Carl and the food critic: heaps of followers on Twitter. Controversy sells!

At a few points in the movie, Chef Casper’s 10-year-old son uses Twitter and other social networks to draw in crowds of followers. They end up on a rewarding tour of different cities, ‘Tweeting’, ‘Facebooking’, ‘Instagramming’, ‘Vining’ and cooking their way into the hearts of their target market. Chef Casper is oblivious to the fact his son is even doing any of this networking until he starts reaping the rewards himself.

Our second tip: If a 10-year-old can gather a crowd out of thin air, you can create engagement on social media as well, don’t let social media scare you – it’s all good fun.

So if you want, yet more, proof that social media is most definitely a necessity, go and see the film ‘Chef,’ because it simplifies it perfectly and trust us when we tell you you’ll never look back.

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