New Business Goals And Opportunities For 2014

So, we’re a couple of weeks into 2014 now, the perfect time to ensure you and your business are on track to focus on your new business goals. Yes, that’s ‘new’ business goals!

It doesn’t matter how successful your business was last year, there’s always room to improve… Whether it’s a plan to increase turnover or changing how you spend your personal time within the business. There’s nothing like a fresh start to the year, with some bouncy enthusiasm about how the next twelve months are going to play out. As a company ourselves we’re practically hitting our heads on the ceiling we’re so enthused about our goals and focus for 2014 and we want to spread this excitement to you too!

Our experience in working with other businesses though, is that a lot of you (yes it’s not just you!) get so wrapped up in the day to day running of your organisation, that you forget to stop, observe, plan and re-focus. So now that the mad January rush of being back in the office after Christmas is over and you’ve just about worked off those extra mince pies that you continued to eat well into the first week of January, it is the perfect time to remind you about setting your goals. Otherwise, if you don’t do it now it would be so easy to slip back into the familiar day to day rhythm that you were in last year, without a thought about how to inject some new life and excitement into your brand. So, on that note, with a friendly and helpful blog post we’re going to give you a few pointers to get your juices going…

Firstly, ask yourself the following:

  1. Am I determined to succeed?
  2. Am I willing to invest into my company (time and money) to ensure growth?
  3. Am I going to delegate more work out to others to free up my time?

If you answered yes to these three questions, then you are ready to grow and it will happen! Positivity is the key, along with good organisation and an excellent team around you. So enjoy the ride!

Here are just a couple of goal ideas that might suit your business and ideas for 2014:

Write (or re-write) your business plan:

This is obvious and really what this blog is all about but it is important to reiterate that just because you’ve got a business plan, it doesn’t mean you let it sit, collecting dust. Your business plan is forever a working document. It is never complete! So brush it off and give it some TLC!

Be more productive:

This could be the year that you finally start delegating properly! Those many hats that you wear probably mean that you are being spread too thinly and if you have enough budget to delegate some of these tasks, just do it! Your expertise are probably not in writing mail-shots, sending invoices, tweeting or changing the bins. You have your own business for a reason! You had an idea and you did something to develop that idea into a business, which means it’s likely that your time is absolutely wasted doing things that you could take on others to do. If you don’t want to employ people, use freelancers and agencies, just don’t do it yourself anymore. Let that entrepreneurial brain of yours start ticking again and imagine where you might be by January 2015 if you do!

Don’t be a dinosaur, use more technology:

We have so much technology at our fingertips and whether we understand it ourselves or not is besides the point. If we’re not using it for our business we’re quite simply missing out! Every company has a target market, that target market are people or other businesses and the majority of them can all be found using technology. That’s right, at the click of a button you can find the people that you want to buy from you, so why on earth would you not want to utilise as much technology as possible to find and engage with these people? Of course we mean Social Media, it’s our business and we love what it does for our clients, however there are hundreds of other ways we can use technology to drive our business forward, so look into the options for you and get the professionals on the case to point you in the right direction.

We could go on forever, but you’ve got a business plan to scrub up and some new goals to set, so your reading time is over. Please let us know what you do from here though as if we can enthuse just a handful of you to take that next step and grow your business this year the time spent writing this blog was worth it!

Good luck, wishing you a belated happy and prosperous 2014!

Kaori and the team at Vision Odyssey.

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