Important Thing Online Marketers Need To Know

Promoted tweets can get you seen, PPC advertising might get you remembered and big banner ads in Times Square are bound to catch some eyeballs. But what about organic word of mouth promotion? It can’t be bought but it’s one of the most effective methods of getting the word out about your product, brand or business.

In the age of social media, where thousands of businesses are vying for attention on the same sites, the need to stand out is as important as ever and how better than to recommended by the masses… Think of how many TV shows you’ve watched because someone you trusted and/or respected told you it was the best thing on the small screen? Or the snack foods you’ve chowed down on just because a friend offhandedly mentioned that they taste good? That transfers online too as research firm eMarketer says that 68% of U.S. social media users ages 18-34 are somewhat more likely to buy a product based on their peers giving it praise on social media.

But how can you go about getting those pseudo-testimonials? Well first and foremost it’s key to encourage these positive opinions in the first place meaning that things like the post-purchase landing pages on your site that offer social sharing options and simply just asking your customers to spread the word (whether you do this via email newsletter or blog post is up to you) is a good way to get the ball rolling. Furthermore, recently analysed 1 billion tweets that mentioned brands, noting that 76% of brand mentions were neutral. Many of these tweets were customer services enquiries, customers looking for help or looking for alternatives of products that have let them down. What that means for marketers is that there’s a huge, massive market looking for suggestions on how your business can help them – but if you don’t reply to these people and let them know that you’re out there, they miss out on the benefits and you miss out on the sales.

Finally, Pew Research also adds that over a third of men (and almost half of all women) on Facebook are there to see funny or entertaining posts, so the bottom line for online marketers utilising social media is – think of your friend circle and the way they find, appreciate and enthuse about new products because as the data shows, that’s key to bringing new customers on board. As always, be creative and think outside of the box, it always pays off!

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