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For four years now Pinterest has let us share our interests and musings with the world but until now a facility for Pinterest messages hasn’t been of importance. Like a digital scrapbook, the app and website does away with the cutting and pasting of real life scrapbooking and instead makes it easier to stick all of our favourite photos and videos from around the web in one handy, easy to organise place. And Pinterest has been great for businesses too, letting us reach out to our customers and show them that ‘hey, we were thinking about you, here’s a photo or video that you might like!’ But what if you run a day care business and the pins you make for parents with babies aren’t relevant for the ones raising toddlers? Or a catering business where your vegetarian customers feel left out by pins about succulent slices of pork? The newly announced Pinterest messages feature can help you out.

Announced via an interactive slideshow on the Pinterest website, the social media site and app explained that now, pins would be able to be sent directly to individuals or entire groups of people. As demonstrated, for non-marketing users that might mean sending pins to friends when you want to set up a camping trip or to your partner about the interior design for your new house, further making use of the service’s organisational features. Meanwhile, Pinterest messages could also be used to send select groups of customers pins – the pins that you think are going to be up their street. Alternatively, it could even be used to send out personalised messages or deals. Do you have a premium members option? Or maybe you’ve set up a contest. Pinterest messages will help you contact those VIPs or contest winners with photos and videos that are just for them and no one else.

Like anything, there is the chance that Pinterest messages could be mishandled and so it’s important for marketers to stick to messages’ key principle of “Share discoveries with the people who’d appreciate them most”. Pinterest messages are about helping your customers not flooding them after all, so keep that in mind and it could become your next, great marketing tool.

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