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Pokemon GO is the latest mobile app taking the world by storm. Available for free on iOS and Android devices worldwide (including the UK), the app combines augmented reality technology and location data to allow players to capture Pokemon that they come across in the real world.

While any property associated with Pokemon – a massively popular game series – was always likely to be a success, the fact that the game allows people to live out their Pokemon-catching fantasies in real life is what has made the title such a hit. In fact, Pokemon GO is so popular that it is even outpacing some of the leading social networks.

According to recent data presented by SimilarWeb, Pokemon GO players spend approximately 43 minutes and 23 seconds playing the game each day in comparison to the daily usage statistics of WhatsApp (30 minutes, 27 seconds), Instagram (25 minutes, 16 seconds), Snapchat (22 minutes, 53 seconds) and Facebook Messenger (12 minutes, 44 seconds). Moreover, 60% of Pokemon GO players play the game every single day.

While these statistics relate to Pokemon GO users on Android who are based in the United States, these figures, which also reveal that the game is almost outpacing Twitter (3% of Android US users play Pokemon GO every day; 3.5% of Android US users use Twitter everypokemon go day) shouldn’t be ignored if you’re a business owner outside of the US.With the impressive usage and engagement figures likely being as impressive this side of the pond, now is the perfect time to learn about the game and how it can help to increase your sales. Check out the handy bullet points below for more info on how Pokemon GO can boost your bottom line:

  • PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms: Pokemon GO features PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms which are based at real-life locations. Stops are used to pick up Pokemon eggs and Pokeballs, while Gyms will constantly be fought over by players as they aim to become that Gym’s leader. If you’re near either type of location (or your business is a designated Stop or Gym), maximise sales opportunities by offering incentives to Pokemon GO players. They’ll feel appreciated and you could find a new loyal customer.
  • Lures: Pokemon GO’s lures draw in nearby Pokemon for a set amount of time. Business owners have already begun using lures to lure Pokemon (and Pokemon GO) players to their brick and mortar stores – a recent ‘lure party’ was hosted by Bristol Zoo to raise money for charity, with the event proving so successful that it had to turn people away. Also, other players can see who posted the lure so setting your Pokemon GO username as your business’ name is an extra form of promotion.
  • Sponsored Locations: While the feature is not currently available in the UK, Pokemon GO in Japan is sponsored by McDonald’s, with thousands of restaurants across the country being turned into Pokemon Gyms. The ‘sponsored locations’ feature is very much expected to roll out to other regions soon and business owners should keep an eye on any announcements as this feature could also provide a huge increase to sales.


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