Those of you already dabbling in Social Media Marketing will no doubt either be embracing it and enjoying being part of the online networking scene or you will be struggling to understand what you should be doing and how it will help your business – come on be honest, which is it for you?

Either way, the chances are that you are not really using Social Media to the best advantage for your business. After all, would you take on yourself or ask an unqualified employee to get involved in Accounting or Legal work for your business? Probably not, therefore why should it be any different for Social Media Marketing? Just because you or they might use the likes of Facebook or Twitter personally, it definitely doesn’t mean you are the right person to tackle this for your business.

If you are running it yourself or using employees to do it have you looked at how much time you (or they) are putting into it? This is important because if you are running the campaign as it should be run to be a success then you will probably be spending more time than “you” should be on it.  The reason we emphasise your input in this case is because we want you to think about whether it would actually be more valuable for your business for you (or your employees) to be doing what you do best? For example, how much more of what you should be concentrating on could you be doing if you weren’t running your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts?

If you are one of those that has set up some Social Media accounts but hardly spending any time on them then the campaign will simply not do what it should and you really must stop wasting time wondering what you should be doing and seriously consider getting someone who knows what they’re doing to jump in and help, before your competitors get even further ahead than they might be already.

If you are going to commit to running a decent Social Media marketing campaign then you need to realise that it is vital that a good amount of time is spent on it. However the chances are that if you outsource it to a specialist they will be able to work not only quicker but more effectively to achieve what it is your business wants out of more of an online presence. This way you can simply hand it all over and know that your brand is being viewed, talked about, promoted and chatted with everyday without you even having to lift a finger – what a lovely thought!

Don’t deliberate for too long, the clock is ticking and if you need us at Vision Odyssey to help, we’re here waiting to be your saviour!

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