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Search Engine Optimisation or commonly known as SEO is, in simple terms, the process of improving the visibility of your website or blog through the alteration of multiple areas such as code, navigation and content so that it is more visible and ranks highly in search engines.

Google and the other search engines have robots that they use to travel and index the web, they have many names: spiders, bots, crawlers. These are intelligent computer crawlers that travel the web through hyperlinks (links), they use their own programming to read and understand the code of a website. SEO is about making your site more user-friendly and thereby more spider friendly. This makes it easier for them to read and understand the code and thus giving you the best chance to rank.

How social media and search engine marketing work together

This is the next most important thing to consider once your website has been designed and goes hand in hand with any Social Media Marketing Campaign. SEO and social media go together extremely well, SEO lays the foundation to rank where social media interaction gets the publicity it deserves. Search engines love it when a site is frequently shared across social media platforms, it shows that people like the site and feel it worthy enough to share, so in Google’s eyes this site is relevant and fresh and worthy of a high ranking position. Where possible, SEO should be considered during the process of writing the content and developing your content marketing plan.

There are multiple parts to SEO and they all go hand in hand and work together. Google and other search engines such as Bing look at your site through 200 checkpoints, and they are always updating their algorithms so SEO is a constant that you must adhere to. To succeed in SEO you need to take a lot of things into account, one area can not accomplish the job, you need to optimise every aspect of SEO so that you give your website the best possible chance to rank. Here are some of the techniques that we use when doing SEO.

  • On-site technical setup
  • Off-site setup
  • On-page analysis
  • Content planning and creation
  • Link building and citation analysis

The need to have a thought out content plan and SEO strategy is vital for success. Your site has to ensure it is sufficiently optimised with key words and provides the user actual benefit hopefully during the design phase of your website and before it goes live, but this is in an ideal world.

Why choose us for your Local SEO Services?

With the Internet forever expanding your site is simply a tiny needle in a massive haystack, so to rank highly and reach anywhere near the top of search engines such as Google and Yahoo, you will need to concentrate on optimising your site regularly for national and local seo services.

Vision Odyssey understand that SEO is a long-term process, we treat every business as unique and give the site the attention it deserves. With years of experience in the digital SEO game, we should be your first choice when looking for bespoke SEO Norwich services. We ensure your site is optimised regularly and only to Google’s white hat guidelines.

Are you in need of a professional and reputable search engine marketing agency? If so, call us today on: + 44 (0)1603 339020 for a personalised approach to SEO Norwich and allow us to bring your company to the front of the digital world.

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