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Social Media Marketing Agency

Whether you know much about Social Media Marketing or not you will definitely have heard the buzz around it and no doubt noticed more and more individuals and companies getting involved. You are probably visiting our website because you know you should be expanding the online presence of your company in this way and have realized that Social Networking is most definitely here to stay! So congratulations for taking the first step, let vision odyssey be your social media marketing agency…now what else might you want to know?

Why do I need Social Media Strategy For My Business?

To give you an idea of how many people are using some of the bigger Social Media platforms we can tell you that the front-runner is still Facebook, which has 1.15 billion users with almost 700 million active daily users; Twitter has attracted 500 million members in just seven years; Google+ having only launched in 2011 already has over 300 million active users; LinkedIn reached well over 200 million professional worldwide users by 2013 and is growing at a phenomenal rate. There is also a growing surge in image rich platforms. Instagram stands at 130 million users and only launched in October 2010 and Pinterest is not far behind having gathered 70 million users in just three years. A large proportion of users access all of these sites through their mobile devices, allowing you to communicate with them 24/7 and wherever they are! Best of all, these sites are still just getting started and all expect their massive growth to continue.

Obvious benefits of integrating Social Media to your current marketing strategy are generating exposure for your business, increasing traffic to your website, building new business partnerships and of course bringing in many new qualified leads. All great reasons to start your campaign now – after all you simply can’t afford to be invisible to all of these prospective new customers!

Can’t I do it myself?

Consistency is the key and visibility is all about participation, so there is no benefit in creating an account on Twitter or Facebook yourself, sending a few updates out and then forgetting about it for a week or two before you do it again. There simply must be regular updates being sent out, as well as maintained engagement with others using these mediums. Each update will be created and put in place by your dedicated Vision Odyssey account manager, allowing you to simply concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business, which of course is what you are most effective at.

Delegation is also vital due to the time it takes every day, seven days a week – believe us when we tell you that we’ve got the time for it when you haven’t! To give you an idea, the average time spent maintaining each Social Media account is 32 hours per month and you would in most cases be using more than one. It doesn’t take much of a mathematical genius to work out the expense you would incur in both time and money if you were to do it yourself or delegate to an employee rather than outsourcing it to us.

What should I be telling my customers?

In addition to the general creative updates we send out for you, we will post information about what you are up to, as well as offers and discounts for your product or service. More recently many Social Networking sites have been heavily focused on images and now film too, therefore we can offer the promotion of photos and video footage, if it is applicable to what you do. All of this is vital to keep your followers up-to-date with what you are doing as a business, however the most important part of Social Media Marketing is the networking, therefore chatting with your followers on a daily basis about both business related and personal topics is vital, after all this is where you transform from another supplier or service provider to a ‘friend’. These sites are not by any means a platform to hard sell your product or service and if you even attempt it your followers are likely to run a mile! Therefore, you will notice that a majority of our updates will be chatty in style, a way of communicating that most companies are simply not used to using, another reason why the Social Media Marketing aspect of your business might be best left to us.

What do you need from me?

It may be that you have some understanding of Social Media networking solutions already or that you know nothing at all about it, but either way, you have done the right thing coming to us for help. As specialists in this field, we know how to get the most out of this new experience for you and will be delighted to have the chance to run a campaign on your behalf. All we will need are details about your company, your target market and how you would best like to be portrayed and for this we will provide you with a short survey, from which the answers you give will help us create a voice to best match your business.

Each campaign is built as a bespoke package depending on what you need, so once you have contacted us we will come back to you with ideas and details of what we recommend and take it from there.

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Vision Odyssey will take on your social media strategy through a thorough analysis of your accounts and give them a complete revival. Enabling a solid social media marketing plan for your business. You can call us on: + 44 (0)1603 339020 or click through here to be taken to our contact page.

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