3d video stickers

Launched late last year, Snapchat’s filters have given users of the photo, video and messaging platform a way of expressing themselves. Snapchat’s on-demand geofilters, which were added to the platform earlier this year, have also added a little something to events planning. The company has now introduced a third fun feature into the mix, with its 3D video stickers.

With these 3D video stickers, Snapchat users can essentially attach masks to various objects in a video, with the stickers then moving, rotating and scaling automatically depending on the movements or positioning of the object. For example, you could attach a funny face emoji to a pet, with the emoji following them as they walk around the room.

The response to Snapchat’s 3D iideo stickers has been overwhelmingly positive so far from users (it is now available on both iOS and Android devices) and it has even been described as the ‘augmented reality art tool’. Just like the filters feature, it gives users a new and perhaps improved way of sharing what it is that they’re up to.

It’s also not hard to see how this feature could help brands market their goods. Some suggested examples are using Snapchat for product reveals as they use an emoji to hide the product and still get a buzz around its launch. Similarly, brands who are preparing to kick off a new marketing campaign and reveal a new brand ambassador could cover the ambassador’s face with a 3D sticker functioning as a ‘mask’ before the big name is shown off proper.

Perhaps brand marketers could use this as an easy form of animation. Although fully animated ad campaigns may cost a lot of time and money, with a strong idea and a bit of Snapchat know-how, these 3D video stickers could prove to be the perfect way to capture the imagination of followers and consumers.

Source: TechCrunch


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