Make Your Social Media Accounts More Secure

Following the recent press surrounding several high profile social media accounts being hacked, we thought it might be time for us all to take a second look at the security of our own accounts…

Unfortunately there isn’t such a thing as an impenetrable social media account. However, you can take some simple steps to ensure that your accounts are a less likely target…

  1. Make your password secure. It may sound obvious but the number one password in use today is Password1. Even medium strength passwords are vulnerable. You should also have a different password for each account. This may sounds complicated but there are various ways to creating more memorable passwords. Try some of these tips
  2. Never save passwords on shared computers or mobile devices. This includes spreadsheets, emails and most definitely post-it notes!
  3. Change passwords regularly. Especially if you have employees who have or have had access to your accounts.
  4. Password management systems. If you have accounts that more than one person has access too it maybe worth considering this type of system to ensure your passwords are kept secure.
  5. Be wary of third party applications. Ensure you thoroughly check out any applications before allowing them access to your social media accounts.
  6. Be suspicious. Do you know how to spot a malicious link? Always be suspicious of any links that ask you to log in and if in doubt about anything check it out before clicking.
  7. Consider using different email addresses for log ins. If it’s a company account your email may well be displayed on your company website, making this information easily accessible.
  8. Utilise the highest level of security available to you on each site. Twitter has recently introduced a two factor authentication. Facebook and Google+ also have this facility, however it’s not the automatic setting so you do need to set it up manually.
  9. Remember to log out! If you are using a shared computer or borrowing someone else’s device.
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