New Facelift For Facebook

Facebook Redesign

As you are probably already aware, this Thursday saw the launch of Facebook’s new News Feed, the first major redesign that Facebook has seen since 2009.

Here’s how Facebook are describing the new look…

  • Goodbye Clutter – Hello bright, beautiful stories
  • Bursting With Color – Vibrant new visuals bring your News Feed to life.
  • Fresh Feeds – Get Facebook just how you want it with your choice of feeds.
  • Everywhere You Go – See the same clean look wherever you use Facebook – on mobile, tablet, or web.

So what are the main changes and what will they mean for you and your business page?

Choice of Feeds

Facebook said that they wanted to give users more control over the stories that they see and to do this they will be giving users a choice of feeds. There will be a menu (as below) giving users the option of what they see when they login. When one of these options is selected it looks like all posts in that group will appear in chronological order (not screened as previously). There will still be a default ‘News Feed’ with ‘Top Stories’ which will be screened.
– Newsfeed

  • Most recent
  • All friends
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Following
  • Games
  • Groups

Don’t panic about these changes and if you are a business owner then you should definitely embrace them! This is great news for Facebook business pages, as it means they are more likely to be seen by users that have ‘liked’ their pages because there are two opportunities for them to appear. Firstly, if they are chosen as a ‘Top Story’ by Facebook they will appear in the default Newsfeed. Secondly when users click the ‘Following’ option.

Facebook Offers More Visual DesignMore visual

Facebook have recognised that the level of visual content being posted has significantly increased (from 30% to 50%) and they have made changes accordingly. Pictures and videos will be displayed more prominently and more space is being given to each post. Larger images give businesses greater opportunities to use more detailed pictures, therefore image quality is more important than ever to ensure higher levels of engagement.

The really exciting part of the changes for Pages is that now when a user ‘likes’ a page it will show a much larger image, including the Page’s profile picture and cover photo. This means it’s essential that these pictures are relevant and interesting to make the most of the opportunity to drive higher engagement with fans friends on that story.

More Prominence To Other Social Applications Like Pinterest

Other social applications, such as Pinterest, will be better incorporated in the new design. For example when sharing a Pinterest pin to Facebook it will appear in a similar style as on Pinterest itself. This will help businesses to share content from other applications with ease, integrating networks and increasing visibility.

The Same Everywhere You Go

Another one of the new features is that Facebook now has the same look and feel on web, tablet and mobile, so much less confusion when switching from iMac to iPhone! (sorry we’re biased!) or PC to android…

Have you got the updated Facebook yet? If so what do you think?

If you haven’t got it yet then go to

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