Should You Outsource Your Social Media

Social media is a conundrum. On the face of it, the whole process of creating social media accounts for your business and updating them regularly seems so complicated and time consuming. Then when you get around to doing it, you realise it isn’t that bad. In fact, it can be really fun. However, a week or a month in, and you begin to realise that it is actually hard work maintaining these social media accounts effectively. This is the point where you need to consider whether to outsource, persevere with it or give up completely.

Would it hurt to give up a social media presence?
Surely it’s all hormonal teenagers anyway – why do we need to be on there? Well yes you do. Most businesses find social media to be incredibly beneficial both in terms of spreading the word and building a strong reputation. Statistics show:

  • Twitter attracted 175 million members in just five years
  • LinkedIn reached 100 million professional worldwide users by March 2011
  • Facebook has well over 500 million active users
    A large proportion of users access all three sites through their mobile devices, allowing you to communicate with them 24/7 wherever they are! It really is one of the best ways to target audiences of potential customers and sell your products and services to them directly. Giving up is not an option.
  • We can persevere and just update a monthly bulletin – we don’t need to do any more than that do we?

Yes you do. Too many businesses and individuals think social media involves updating your account now and again. To engage followers and encourage more to join, you need to treat the social media opportunities as you would potential leads. Regular updates are needed, showing some news and updates along with a humorous, compassionate side to show your business is human. You need to interact with followers to ensure you follow up their questions and queries in a timely manner and encourage further interaction from interested potential customers. Followers do not want to be bombarded with sales pitches constantly – they want to be stimulated, amused, inspired and valued by your tweets and updates. So it does take hard work to ensure you get a good balance of effective posts.

Why Outsource Something As Simple As Writing An Update?

Yes it is not rocket science – writing about your business will be easy for you. But do you have the time? Do you have the ability to research current news pieces, see what trends are appearing, monitor what your target audience are doing this month, identify competitors on Facebook, and constantly update your social media with fresh and creative information? We calculated one social media account takes around 32 hours per month to keep updated. Can you dedicate this time regularly to each and every social media account you have? A high percentage of businesses would say no. Outsourcing ensures you have the best team working on your warm leads, gathering new followers and ensuring excellent customer service is achieved across the largest social media platforms.

With so much potential business available to you, can you afford not to outsource to the professionals?

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