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When they’re looking for help or advice about a product, over 80 percent of customers head to Twitter as a customer service platform to ask brands or businesses directly.

Twitter eliminates the need to make a phone call and (possibly) be put on hold as they wait for answers; customers can get the info they require, quickly and it gives businesses a chance to solve customer issues and keep them from considering their competitors in frustration.

Taking into account its importance in the customer service – and the overall brand/business marketing field – Twitter has now rolled out new customer service tools. These tools should allow brands and businesses to flex their ‘help’ muscles and prove that they are taking customer comments and complaints seriously.

The most important of these features is the ability to display hours of availability on a profile. While customers understand that not every brand can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (although they certainly appreciate it), listing availability (9 to 5, etc.) is a small thing that can go a long way. Customers don’t like to feel ignored and they don’t like repeating themselves either and availability hours solves these two problems with one feature.

Alongside this, brands and business are also able to list their response time. Again, it’s a tiny addition but if customers know that their complaints are being addressed quickly and that they have a strong customer service track record, it can significantly shape their opinion.

Another feature that Twitter has rolled out as part of its customer service revamp is the ‘Provides Support’ listing. The listing is designed for brands and businesses that maintain several accounts and directs customers exactly where they need to go to get answers. It should give your various social media team members an easier-to-manage workload, at the very least.

Source: Digiday, Mashable

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