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Following the rumours, last week we saw the launch of Twitter #music, Twitter’s new music directory and streaming app. It’s currently only available as a mobile app for iPhone users but everyone can access it through their browser via

Twitter #music is a service that helps you find music that is popular on Twitter and suggests new music based on the bands that you follow. With #music being one of the most tweeted topics on Twitter it has the potential to be a great source for discovering exciting new tunes!

So, how does #music work?…

New Twitter Music Streaming App

It’s split into four basic sections:

Popular – new music trending on twitter
Emerging – hidden talent found in tweets
Suggested – artists you might like
#NowPlaying – tracks tweeted by people you follow
Me – artists you follow

The service is integrated with iTunes, Spotify and Rdio. If you don’t subscribe to either of the latter you will only be able to listen to the standard iTunes snippet or purchase the track to listen in full. However if you subscribe to Spotify or Rdio you simply need to connect your account and you can listen to the tracks in full. There are also options to tweet what you are listening to and go to the artists Twitter profile. It’s genius, so thank you Twitter!

Have you started using Twitter #music yet? If so, what do you think of it?

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