The Twitter Mute Button Introduced

In a day, approximately 58 million tweets are posted by Twitter’s 200 million+ users. So it’s clear that while many millions of those 140 character musings will be comedy gems or just useful links and quotes, plenty more tweets will be, quite frankly, a load of pixellated garbage. So for businesses it’s in their best interest, along with the fans of the products and services that they provide to stay on the right side of helpful. Even more so, that is going to be especially difficult given Twitter’s new feature – the Mute button – which allows you to ‘silence’ unwanted users on your timeline without actually unfollowing them.

The Mute button is Twitter’s new answer to the Block button, the similar feature that was introduced last year which proved to be ineffective as it didn’t make much of a difference to your timeline. Thankfully, Mute is a huge improvement, somewhat doing the inverse of Block as it clears a muted user’s tweets and retweets from your timeline, while any mentions that they send to you via @ reply will remain in your notifications (the Block button, on the other hand, left retweets visible but mentions from them wouldn’t show up).

This poses a problem for businesses who are still winging it with Twitter, especially those who are particularly tweet dependent. We all know it’s important for businesses to have an online presence, especially, on the potentially viral waters of Twitter, so with this new ‘mute’ feature now would be a particularly good time to question just how useful the type of business tweets that you post really are. Constant broadcast style updates are a good example of things to be left out. Ask yourself if your users need every single bit of info you’re sending out or would your time be better spent actually posting Direct Messages or @ replies to your network or target customers? How many discounts and sales do you need to tweet about; is Twitter the only way most users will find out about the deals or can you identify which ones need the most promotion? Put yourselves in the shoes of your target customer… what would you like to see posted each day? Answering these types of questions will be a good way of avoiding getting muted and the decreased amount of posts could make your tweets more valuable.

Despite this, there is still the potential that your business Twitter account will be muted, so it’s wise to be cautious and clever. Remember, if someone does mute you they can still see any @ replies you send them, so once again we stress the importance of being personal and remind you that Twitter is a social ‘networking’ site not an advertising platform, so befriend people don’t bore them! There are some clear improvements that could be made to the Mute button too. Reminding users of their Mute list every so often would be a good way for Twitter users to actually decide who to unfollow or un-mute and therefore there would be potential for them to receive Twitter based updates from your business once more.

What do you think about the new Twitter Mute button? Leave a comment and let us know!

By Jasmine May 20, 2014 no responses

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