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With 200 million monthly active users and with 1.5 billion video loops (views) daily, video sharing platform Vine can potentially offer lucrative returns to the brands and marketers that sign up. However, with Vine videos being an incredulously short six seconds, that doesn’t give you a lot of time to convey a hilarious joke or a brilliant idea and it means that brands and marketers are often left wondering what to do – vine challenges!

Making that process of Vine video creating a little easier are Vine’s new Vine Challenges. As reported by Adweek’s SocialTimes, Vine Challenges will provide users with a specific theme. One challenge, for example, asked users to offer their six second take on a party rehearsal as would-be party hosts awkwardly (and rather humorously) plan for their events.

In a statement to SocialTimes, Vine added:

“We consistently see trends and stories on Vine take on a life of their own as posts are seen by more and more people and they are inspired to create their own posts. This channel aims to inspire creation by a broader set of people, with a fun and interactive theme everyone can relate to.”

While the new Vine feature will certainly help brands and marketers overcome the time-consuming stage of trying to figure out just what their Vines should be about and it also helps show the platform’s users a more creative (and perhaps less marketing jargon-y) side, it also comes with the added benefit of boosted exposure.

Not only can users submit their Vine Challenge Vines directly to the Vine Challenge channel, but Vine will also handpick some of the best submissions and feature them on the channel, which will certainly increase the number of loops. Moreover, each challenge gets its own hashtag (in party rehearsal’s case it was just #PartyRehearsal) that users can search through, something which again could boost the amount of loops your video gets.

With Vine Challenges just launching last month, it is perhaps too early to say whether or not the feature will take off (especially as some of the most viral Vines appear to be random bits of hilarity).

Though, it’s worth noting that when publications such as Mashable hosted their own, unofficial Vine-based challenges, those featured got thousands upon thousands of loops, so with Vine hosting challenges in an official capacity, it stands to reason that the potential for marketing success is even greater.


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