Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro, social media marketing is definitely creating buzz. More and more individuals and companies are understanding the effect that it can have on outreach, promotion and marketing. You are most likely visiting our website to expand your knowledge or have a professional social media company handle your social media marketing, well done for taking the first step.

Is Using Social Media For Marketing Ideal For Me?

Social media has exploded on the scene, to give you an idea of how big it has become, twitter attracted 175 million members in just five years. Linkedin drew in over 100 million professionals looking to expand their network by March 2011 and is still rapidly expanding and growing. We all know Facebook, but did you know that the giant has over 500 million active users. With the ever growing popularity of mobile internet usage, most people access all three platforms through their mobile device. Of course, everyone can see the benefits of integrating your social media into your current marketing, for example: such as bringing in a wide audience, allowing you to expand your network and meet potential clients and build relationships. So, what are you waiting for! Start your social media marketing campaign today.

Can’t I Do It Myself?

Social media is about constant engagement and consistency, creating a profile and using it once or twice just won’t cut it. Regular and informative updates must be integrated into your marketing plan. When Vision Odyssey take over your social media marketing, each update will be personalised to your business and services, freeing up your time to concentrate on running your business.
Delegation is also vital due to the time it takes every day, seven days a week – believe us when we tell you that we’ve got the time for it when you haven’t! To give you an idea, the average time spent maintaining each Social Media account is 32 hours per month and you would in most cases be signed up to more than one. It doesn’t take much of a mathematical genius to work out the expense you would incur in both time and money if you were to do it yourself or delegate to an employee rather than outsourcing it to us.

What Should I Be Telling My Customers?

Another added benefit of using Vision Odyssey is that as well as your creative posts, we will post about offers, discounts and information about the company and the team. Keeping your users engaged and connecting with them on a human level. This is all vital to keeping users informed and engaged with your business. Social media marketing is all about communicating with your audience daily about your business and your efforts.
Therefore chatting with your followers on a daily basis about both business related and personal topics is vital, after all this is where you transform from another supplier or service provider to a friend. The likes of Twitter and Facebook are not by any means a platform to hard sell your product or service and if you even attempt it your followers are likely to run a mile! Therefore, you will notice that a majority of our updates will be chatty in style, a way of communicating that most companies are simply not used to using, which is why the Social Media Marketing aspect of your business is best left to us.

What Do You Need From Me?

You may already be accustomed to social media marketing, or that you are a complete beginner, either way you have made the best decision by visiting our website. We are specialists in our chosen field and understand that every company is unique. This may be a new experience to you and you feel out of your depth, this is ok, we will talk through all the options available to yourself and your business. All we need are a few small details and then we can begin tailoring a package and assign you a social media account manager to run your campaign.

We will send a small survey, that will need to be completed truthfully. This is so we can understand your business and your current efforts. Once this is completed we are on our way to building your perfect social media campaign.

Each campaign is built as a bespoke package depending on what you need, so once you have contacted us we will endeavour to come back to you with ideas and details of what we recommend within 24 hours.
I’m interested in using Vision Odyssey, what do I do next?
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