Stats Show That Women Are Watching The World Cup As Much As Men

So, is it true that as many women are watching the World Cup as there are men?

Stereotypes can be a dangerous business; they cripple our ability to judge each person on their own merits and when it comes to marketing it can often see us make assumptions about our target audience that just aren’t true, failing to consider what the demographics’ actual interests might be. Stereotypes tell us that men never cook, all young people are lazy and that women, despite accounting for almost half of its TV-watching audience according to statistics, never watch sports. When you look at the logic, the reasoning and the hard evidence, everything points to stereotypes not having a place in the marketing industry.

That could not be any clearer than in this latest batch of World Cup related stats which tell us just what each side of the gender binary is thinking about during the World Cup.Contrary to what stereotype prescribers would have us all believe, the biggest events of the World Cup thus far were tweeted about almost equally by men and women. When underdogs Costa Rica beat Italy 1-0 in the group stage? Even women love a David vs Goliath story as 44% of the tweets about the event were by them. Even Honduras got female tongues wagging despite failing to make it to the final 16 of the tournament, with 46% of tweets about the team coming from women.

Not only are hard stats like this incredibly important to take into account when marketing just because they help challenge our assumptions, allowing us to be more inclusive, e.g World Cup promotions that call football viewers ‘the lads’ when the ladies are just as likely to see the marketing, but it also helps us be more specific too. For example, 61% of the tweets about Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina came from women, making him a hot ticket when it comes to being a spokesperson as he would clearly appeal to both male and female sports fans alike. The rest of the stats are at the link below and they also offer some insight about the World Cup and the age demographic so follow them if you’d like to have your predeterminations challenged!


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