So many companies and individuals think they have got the right idea when it comes to Social Media, when in actual fact many of them are unknowingly digging a grave for their brand. As much as we’d love to be looking after and managing your campaigns for you we know that some of you are determined to do this on your own. Therefore whilst you are still thinking in this way we’d like to, at the very least, be able to offer you some guidance so that, until you see sense and ask for our help, you are running your own campaigns in the right way. I know, we’re nice like that! 😉

So we’ll keep it simple with bullet points and you can ask if you’ve got any questions . . .

* Not establishing a voice (This is your opportunity to talk as a person rather than a business and to befriend your potential customers, so build your character wisely and loosen that tie!)

* Don’t spam! (Make sure you don’t overtly plug your business and services too much – you are on dangerous ground if you think social media is an advertising platform)

* It’s not just marketing! (Think about PR strategies and ensure you are doing a good job of persuading your followers that what you are saying is worth reading and of course sharing)

* No goals! (Whether you or someone else is running your campaign you must have clear objectives as to why are you doing this? Remain focused and you will succeed!)

* Don’t drive more traffic to other websites than your own! (It is important to post articles written by others about your line of business, however don’t forget your own site and where relevant insert links. Also, by all means share what your contacts have said but always with your opinions added – your voice is after all the important part of your sharing!)

* Don’t bore your followers! (Whilst it is important to be active on a daily basis on your Social Media platforms, don’t post too much drivel – quality not quantity is the key here!)

* Don’t forget about SEO! (Focusing your SEO efforts is as important when using Social Media as it is on your website – use keywords in updates etc and you will find your updates appearing in search engines for all to find . . . )

* Not engaging with others?! (Never ignore people who have sent you personal messages, mentioned you or commented on your posts – this is not a one way street! Follow others, chat to others, make comments, mention people in your blogs etc)

* Having nothing worthwhile to share (It is important to always have fresh content about your line of business readily available, engage with your followers and keep it regular)

* Don’t post updates too fast and furiously! (Nobody wants to look in their home or news feeds and see heaps of updates, one after the other from the same person / company within a matter of minutes – it’s a very good reason for people to un-follow you, so beware!)

Hopefully this has been of use to you and you can avoid making the errors above.

If you have any queries please comment on the blog or email us on

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